*NEW COLOUR* The Handy Halter Training Lead in Pewter


Probably the most effective anti-pull lead on the market



The Handy Halter is an extremely effective training lead that allows you to walk your dog, NOT your dog to walk you!  Sold worldwide since 2005, the unique figure-of-8 design cleverly combines an anti-pull collar and lead system that kindly and gently encourages your dog to walk to heel.

Available in over 20 colours, the Handy Halter is perfect for boisterous dogs and puppies. Handmade in the UK from a strong and hard-wearing 9mm super soft braid, the Handy Halter is a one size fits all, fully adjustable product suitable for most dogs. Collar-to-handle length for a medium-sized dog of approximately 45in/114cm.

Check out our reviews on Amazon – all colours work the same!

  • Simple, effective and easy to fit – instructions supplied
  • Figure-of-8 anti-pull collar and lead system
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable
  • Kind and gentle for your dog to wear
  • Strong and hard-wearing 9mm super soft braid
  • Handmade in the UK

SKU: HH – 70500C84

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There are a few tricks for success with The Handy Halter Training Lead:

Hold the lead across your body keeping a light tension.

If your dog stops or rolls on the floor trying to take it off  – it is because they can see it, it’s not hurting them in any way – keep them moving.

Persevere, it may take a couple of goes but just carry on, it’ll make walks with your dog a happier experience.